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tv   [untitled]    April 21, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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make a suggestion to you and anybody listening to get this book. governor jerry brown's many splendorred things. he and his lawyers for a long long time spent an awful lot of money to make sure the public never saw the facts in this book. which deal with various topics were put upon us today>> with
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sweeping implication tooz the publics help to leapfrog customary legislation protocol and be put to a up our done vote without public hearings oramendments including those in the interest of protecting the health and safety of the american people. nuf and expanded rights tatransnation corporations to protect profits over the rights of democratly elected represents and the public. san francisco has world renown health program to reduce death from tobacco related diseases. allows private for profit corporation tooz directly sue governments that try to [inaudible] >> thank you sir. thank you very much. next speaker,
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please. >> united states is fascist cuntsry. it is killing every day, black and other people on the street. it is made a million homeless concentration camp all over the streets from san francisco to new york. in specific a lot in san francisco. i was a [inaudible] but this hitler mayor lee who gave me proluimation [inaudible] of san francisco and after this evicted and doesn't want to help me and your board of supervisors. it will come time when [inaudible] board of supervisor to help me.
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nobody in the [inaudible] could evict a person 83 years old without any reason and i'm sleeping on the street because you are gustopa board of supervisor and the mayor doesn't want to help me. i called you mr. mar and what they told me, is we don't want to get involved in this right. who wanted to invalve with this 83 years old jew who survived holocaust and look what is going with the homeless people on the street. they are eating from garbage can and drinking from carbage mpt they are not people. you made them animal jz dogs. shame to you but god
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will punish you >> thank you sir, next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors president breed, joe copal with san francisco electrical contractors association and electrical workers local 6 here to invite you to our second and final day of our most recent rebuilding together project. this project was spear headed by [inaudible] who she was recently appoint today the san francisco equal pay advasery board. she a member of local 6 living on the 94124 and also working out in hunters point in the 9412 hour also. so, the contractors association goats together and donates all the material and tools and us wireman and myself put my tools back on for a couple days and
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help this building get in shape. it was in dire need of electrical and life safety upgrades. this building is comprised of 2 addresses in district 5. you may know it as pea cock lounge at tive 22 hate street and upstairs 548 hate rr street is the much benefits association created by african american free masons in the 60s, we are justhering doing our part and giving back with material squz labor. the job cost about 42 thousand dollars and took about 40 of us. we started othen april 11 and conclude the project this saturday pral 25 and lunch is served and it is a good lurch.
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i want to invite you if you are near the neighborhood, please stop by, we'll also hosty vent later to recap the event >> thank you very mump. next speaker please >> good afternoon. >> please speak into the microphone >> really i'm speechless because everyone knows the issue that african american community, everyone knows that our children are killing each other at a phenomenal pace and i wrote this [inaudible] called the [inaudible] submitted it in 2011. i sent copies to all the political representative squz president obama wrote me back and said we lie behind the
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world, math, science and technology and still i don't know, but what really-i guess it is like my heart is crying out because a public representative deputy [inaudible] and she still works for the seraphs department but you would never know. she is still humble, kind, and cor ages. i think we need to take a cold hard look at the way we educate our children because it is not working. no one has all the answers, but i want to open
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up dialogue and since 2011 imagine how many children have lost their lives. you guys have to take some responsibility for that. thank you. it is right here, i guess it is on communication. i'm new to this, i don't-i try to approach one of you fwt this so we can bring it before the full board, but i'm not going to stop >> thank you maer much sir. next speaker, please. >> is it on? hello. my name is alynny and rson and student at san francisco state. i'm a activist with black and brown libbereration coalition and want to share a few thoughts. last week when we were discussing new business there was brief discussion of some way we with get more in-law
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units in the city. some kind of-we could like try to come up with ways to encourage like the production of more units affordable for student. housing is a huge problem for us. i need a new place to live this summer and dreading going through that process, tfs hell last time. i'm disappointed the contract with cypress security was reinstated or whatever. i think you >> that item is on our agenda today and paused the speakers time. the sibeerous contract cannot be spoken about today >> thank you madam clerk >> i think you know how i feel about that. also, please no new jails, that isn't the answer. they are building
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these target expresss around the city, they are building on one on ocean avenue in my neighborhood and that will hurt small business in ingle side. we don't need that target. i don't know why that is being built. we need to stop having these corporate department stores taking business away from the preexisting small business that are already serving just fine. also, we as student really could use a break with public transporta i
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go to marine often and talk about this matter and the wonderful opportunity we have
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to prevent chronic disease. i get harassment for discusing thes matter jz going to marine. for example, my bicycle spokes have been cut repeatedly to broond new space heaters broke within a 2 month period this winter. my 2 front teeth fell out a week after i talked at this meeting on october 28, but the most important thing is they are getting into my room at night. a few examples 50 to 100 yards of coffee and key become decaffeinated in my room over night. 15 laminations i did about serious problemwise our for profit health care system disappeared from my room
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over night. thank you all and continue talking about this >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon president breed and esteemed supervisors. my name is [inaudible] the chair of the san francisco transitriders and we want to thank you those that committed before they ask you, we appreciate that. i'm here with a member of my board and our organizeer to invite you and the mayor to participate in the up coming 22 day challenge where city officials ride as many days as possible from june 1 to the 22. this is a procampaign and a opportunity to promote transportation showing you care. why 22 days? it is 1 day for each of the years since 1993 when san francisco voters passed proposition a rks a a meser put
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twort by san francisco resident jerry brown. travel 2 and from work at least 22 years later policy agreement been acted upon until now. minnesota legislators took on a similar challenge in march with the roll with us campaign using the hash tag, how we role politicians across party lines have a powerful message for public support. participation is simple. we ask you to tweet while riding on trnzt for the 2 day posted to twitter using hash tag on board sf. you can't take transit tweet y with the hash tag. the tweet will change the place omentthen leadser board. the event will kick off with a press conference monday june 1 at 1 p.m. at city hall. there will be a party at the end of
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the event. the 22 day clalg is a great opportunity to show your support for public tran traz portation and get your name out to over 200 thousand- >> thank you very much. thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. [inaudible] yesterday i presented on the california african american freedom trail at american educational research association and on may 18th we are working with san francisco travel and market street association to do dedication for had william [inaudible] statue at [inaudible] and pine so i hope you will keep that date in mind. also in june, 26 we are doing atory of the african american freedom trail so continuing to get recognition
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around the country. one of the things that i mentioned at the ocii convention is as we study these historic sites we are aware of how quickly they are being deminshed and eroded. we suggested to that commission that there boob a comprehensive list of all the community benefit agreement done non only through the redevelopmentancy but also through action of the planning commission thoferb past decades north dakota to evaluate those and hope it goes to the environmental impact. i would hope that you would encourage the commission to take that seriously and also act accordingly. >> thank you very much. next
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speaker. >> good evening supervisors. i fsh at a meeting with the commissioners up stair. i'm here to talk about accountability. i'm stepping up as a entrepreneur in communications. here at city hall, i won't name names, i was very disrespected yesterday from the supervisors office that i won't tolerate #340er and hope we can talk about that later. here we have here room 200 ed leeing the mayor in my community with his office now. going be reelected. i'm telling ed lieu now because he knows me. we worked together when he was with the hrc and my name is ace. this man ed lee came to our community in 2011 for 4 or 5 different black businesses. shortly after that every one of the businesses
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clodezed down and now he is in our community with a election. he will have to come to talk to our community because we are upset. san francisco here has to be accountable. the police department, da office. i will do my first show in san francisco, what i call the round table at city hall. my show opening up is about law enforcement. i want [inaudible] and chief sheer. i want to have public defender and want to have all those 4 law enforcements around my first round table so we can talk law enforcements. that is my first show as a entrepreneur. no longer a activist. but i'm here telling you and city hall and every l the department heads, law makerss i am here to serve the
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community, but i won't be disrespected >> thank you mr. washington >> my name is myron [inaudible] global policy analyst [inaudible] based up the street here in the tender loan. i'm here to endorse the resolution number 150375 to oppose fast tracking tfp. the eff followed trade agreement for close to a decades since it includes digital regulation on users right to free speech, privacy and innovation on line. what we know from the tvp and that it contains what we go is from leaks, it contains provisions that facilitate on line plat forms to silence user speech on line to take away control from user to repair,
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resell, recycle their own digital devices. provisions that would prevent wistal blower jz journalists to come occupy and report on wrong doing like criminalizing access and disclosing these secrets on line and prevent law makers from passing rules by enabling investor corporations to take governments local to state to federal governments to court over policies that would aundermine exspected future profits. we urge all the supervisors to vote for this resolution and we are partf of a large ocollision alaing with see era club and dozens of interest groups across the yeeuns urging law makes to come out gaenss fast tract and
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undemocratic agreements that undermine public interest. thank you very much >> thank you, next speaker, please >> good evening recollect my name is [inaudible] i work for citizens trade came pain. here to speak in faiv of item 41. the tpa for the tpp will expand the same broken trade model that led to 912 billion dollar trade deficit, loss of million of jobs and tax. this resolution is a important step to make sure we stand for working families and the environment. sth free trade agenda led by corp raigdss took over sound international policy and left with negative impacts thmpt transpacific partnership [inaudible] displace millions as we experience would the north american free trade agreement. the tpb only serves to expand corporate rights and to the point of endangering our hard fought accomplishment.
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the tpp includes cornerate court system, policy like the smokeless ban can be seen as a bearian for corporate profit that make up over one of the 600 corporate advisors. the this time is writing and negotiating the tpp with the federal government and without the interest of the public. we have been locked out of this negotiation #23r about 5 years now. the tpp partner countries includesinationwise serious human rights abuses such as vietnam that is sited for the state department for jailing political [inaudible] this resolution would speak to the congrgzal members to receive pressure from the president of the united states and corporate interest of fast track. this resolution would join with numberoffs cities like seattle berkeley and richmond and make
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a impact to bolster fair trade. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker >> hello, thank you for the opportunity to speak today. i'm lucky enough to follow 2 coalition partners so don't have to say too much why i support item 41. i remember food and water watch. weef are a consumer advocacy based in oakland and have thousands of members ichb san francisco. we are apodesed to the tpp and fast track because of the threat we believe it bring tooz the food and water. food and water watch works across california to work on local bans against fracing. we worked for common sense labeling like country of origin labeling and the tt puts that as risk. we see commune tease rising up to protect and get common sense labeling, but with certain leaks from what we know
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of the secret tpp agreement mune nis palties are put at richck of law suits. that is one aspect and also see it as-we work a lot on sea food safety and food safety in general. with the tpp the boarders would be plud ited again with unsafe sea food imports putting consumers at risk. we fought hard for food safety standard and see tpp as a race to the bottom [inaudible] to oppose this bad deal as is it not in our public interest. thank you very much and look forward to your support >> thank you, next speaker, please >> i would like to put this up on the tv. yerbd i got on
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the [inaudible] in k fax to talk about the 240th an versery of the shot heard round the world which was sunday april 19. but what jessie custan fails to graphic fully and what you fail to graphic when we deal with the shot heard around the world and oklahoma city which was planned, it should happen on that particular day, april 19, 95. it has been 20 years. can you believe that? how time flies. 20 years. but, jesus said jurislm would be trodden down by the gentiles until thegentiles be fulfilled. the time of the gentiles is 2520 years that did in to 1995. it ended in 1995 when oklahoma
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city happened. is this up on the tv. i remember bill clinton, that hip crt. he blamed alex jones or rush lim bah. alex jones is the best. i list en to talk radio and a very good judge and he is the best. it was him or the other guy and-yeah, it was alex jones or rush limbah. and talk radio in general. that is what bill clinton blamed oklahoma city for. it is gods way of saying judgment day is coming. it really is. the very next day when that sabbath year ended, year 520 chs the beginning othf jube lee. may 20th is the 7 thousand days of the jubilee
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>> thank you very much. next speaker, please >> president breed, supervisors, my name is tim [inaudible] executive director of san francisco labe rb counsel. we represent over wn00 unions in town and over 100 thousand men and women and every union in san francisco is oppose today tpp and say on the b of the labor move. the tpp should be voted down t. is introduced in both houses in washington and the votes are not there yet and there is a on going act ive campaign to stop this piece of legislation. it is undemocratic and everyone knows since nafta was introduced all most 20 years ago, there are hundreds of thousands american job that left the united states or the pressure on wages and benefits for the workers that are effected by the bad trade policies. people still don't
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seem the learn the lessen. i want to thank jan avalos for supporting item 41 and think a statement from san francisco, a big union town and a also a progressive town and major city in the united states would go a long way in terms of the national campaign to stop this horrible legislation so we urge you to support this and thank you very much. >> thank you mr. paulson, next speaker, please >> member of the board of supervisors i'm here today to call out something that you are aware of because you are the cause of if. when public comment started today all but 3 of #34ebs got up and decide to have conversations with members of the public and members of the staff, anybody but listen
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to the public. they are so concerned but what the people that voted to put them inose seats have to say they will do anything they can to ignore every single word. i think any voter in san francisco who votes for you should come here whether or not they speak to just observe how you treat public comment. first, plan on the whole afternoon because it could be anywhere from 2:30 to 8 thrt clck before you speak. you get 2 minutes instead of the 3 mandated by sun shine ordinance because they would rather bloveiate for a hour on roll call and introduction instead of listen to the citizen. they will not obey the laws. i have 19 orders of determination on citiesagy squz 4 members of the board of supervisor who have not reply today my request in